Director of Technical Training

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The Director of Technical Training is responsible for the logistics support of academic instruction to include classroom support, practical projects, equipment/labs, and aircraft that support FAR Part 147 curriculum, as well as AMT Program, Capstone processes, etc.


• Maintain Hangar Equipment (trainers, labs, practical projects, and aircraft) to established standards. Provides weekly status of all inventory of training equipment (aircraft, running engines, powered AGE, powered training aids).
• Maintain Technical Library in support of trainers and aircraft.
• Practical Project Support; Ensures quality and validity of each practical project via approved rubric and ensures adequate supply of materials (tools, material, and technical data) for lab projects.
• Ensure Inventory & Order Books / Tools / Equipment/Supplies (logistics support for start of every term).
• Maintain Inventory Books / Tools / Equipment at all times.
• Maintain Tool Crib: Ensure all tools are accounted for, properly marked, in good condition, upgraded as required).
• Maintain Bench Stock / Consumables: collect data from faculty to ensure all resources are available at the beginning of each term. (Establish minimum stock levels to be maintained)
• Serves as instructor when needed for training and developing faculty, provide Capstone support, fills in for absent faculty (sick, vacation, training)


• Responsible for all facets of maintaining the capital resources within the Aviation Campus hangars/classrooms to facilitate process-driven, efficient execution of all learning objectives. This entails ensuring all aircraft, training devices, labs, and classrooms are serviceable, properly equipped and accessible at all times. This includes ensuring LEAN processes, tool control, safety practices are enforced on the hanger floor.
• Ensure MSDS are available for all hazardous materials and they are properly secured/stored.
• Requires managing and sometimes developing processes to ensure serviceability and proactive methods for periodic maintenance, to include budgeting, procuring, and modifying these assets.
• Actively participate in AMT Program by providing AMT faculty leader with suitable projects and logistics support to foster program viability.
• Ensure Lock-Out/Tag-Out system in place for all powered equipment, to include status and/or sign-out books/logs for each piece of powered equipment.


• Professional Affiliations are suggested as they relate to the program content area. (ATEC, Aerospace Committee (Chamber), NBAA, AMT Society)
• Must participate in the Hallmark Character Education Program.


• Proactive Manager/self –starter
• Aviation maintenance/management of commercial, military and/or corporate aircraft
• Knowledge of Tool Management System
• Knowledge of Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Process
• Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA)
• Management of HAZMAT Programs
• Microsoft Office skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, CAD, Visio, Prezi
• Knowledge/expertise in LEAN, 5- S, Six sigma, AS-9000, etc.
• Knowledge of managing technical data libraries


• Bachelor’s Degree Preferred (Associates Degree-minimum)
• Minimum ten (10) years’ experience in Aviation Maintenance/Management (Civilian Aviation/Military)
• FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate
• Aviation Maintenance Instructor (helpful)


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