Vocational Nursing Program Director

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Responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, evaluating, and supervising of the vocational nursing program and curriculum, delivery of the degree with an emphasis on academic quality and program outcomes, supervision, and evaluation of full-time and adjunct faculty, assisting the Dean of Nursing with the preparation and administration of the nursing program budget, assisting with the planning of advisory board meetings as well as following up with recommendations, ensuring that Federal, State, Local, accrediting agencies and policies and guidelines are followed, planning and evaluating the day to day operations.
Leadership, Professional Development, and Scholarly Activities
•         Seen as a leader, change agent, and mentor to faculty, students, peers, and professional colleagues.
•         Promotes the vision, mission, and values of Hallmark University and the Nursing program
•         Maintains currency in the field, as evidenced by appropriate in-services, workshops, self-study, and participation in professional organizations.
•         Facilitates a positive professional image and mutual respect within the nursing program, university, clinical placement sites, and in the community as a whole.
•         Develops and maintains the relationship between the Nursing Program and the Governing body.
•         Serves and represents nursing programs on appropriate University and community committees. Acts as a liaison with the Texas State Board of Nursing and other state and national organizations.
•         Actively participates in student orientation, graduation, and promotional activities of the nursing program.
•         Meets regularly with faculty and leads faculty discussions regarding program needs, clinical placement sites, course schedules, accreditation, etc.
Program Accreditation 
•         Assists Dean in planning and scheduling at least two advisory board meetings each year, following through with recommendations, and obtaining feedback that assists the program to meet industry, community, and employer needs.
•         Responsible for guiding and documenting the program’s compliance with University, state, federal, and national rules, regulations, and accreditation requirements.
•         Assists the Dean of Nursing in the preparation of appropriate reports for state and federal regulatory agencies, providing program-based information, and meeting timelines for submission.
Supervisory Responsibilities 
•         Responsible for the hiring, retention, orientation, credentialing, responsibilities, promotion, and training of full and part-time vocational nursing faculty.
•         Conducts classroom observations of all faculty.
•         Ensures that classroom, student, and clinical site evaluations are completed for every course each semester.
•         Determines appropriate staffing patterns and the need for additional faculty release time for administrative duties, making recommendations to the Dean of Nursing.
Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes 
•         Leads and oversees vocational nursing faculty in the development, implementation, evaluation, revision, and updating of the curriculum to ensure rigor and currency.
•         Ensures that student clinical experiences reflect current best practices and nationally establish patient health and safety goals.
•         Responsible for ensuring that syllabi for every nursing course meet all accreditation standards and are equivalent at each site.
•         Supports faculty in meeting course objectives, outcomes, selection of textbooks, equipment, and overall course management.
•         Assist faculty to engage in the ongoing development, training, and support needed for effective distance education modalities.
•         Ensures that the curriculum includes cultural, ethnic, and socially diverse concepts as well as experiences from regional, national, or global perspectives.
Department Operations 
•         Assists Dean of Nursing in the development of the nursing program budget, including participation in the budget planning process, making purchasing and capital requests, and administering the Nursing Program budget.
•         Maintains regular and accessible office hours for faculty, staff, and student consultation.
•         Works in cooperation with the University in establishing scholarships, equipment, personnel funding, and capital projects.
•         Administers admission, application, and selection process for all vocational  nursing students.
•         Assists in the development of appropriate support materials, including the Nursing Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook, Job descriptions, etc.
•         Ensures the nursing program maintains accurate faculty, course, and student records.
•         Participates in the process of selecting and evaluating clinical facilities/experiences, meeting with hospital representatives as needed to ensure quality student and facility outcomes.
•         Prepare and review all part-time/adjunct faculty contracts with the assistance of administrative staff to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
•         Ensures that learning environments and physical facilities (classroom, labs, facilities & offices) support the achievement of program outcomes as well as meeting the needs of faculty, staff, and students.
•         Verifying student’s completion of program requirements
•         Assists in the completion and submission of the Texas BON Affidavit of Graduation.
•         Assists in the completion and submission of the Texas BON Educational Program Information Survey (NEPIS) and Compliance Audit (CANEP) by the required dates.
•         Actively participate in the Student Mentor Program.
•         Other duties as assigned.
•         Community organizations
•         Must participate in the Hallmark Character Program
•         Documented knowledge and skills related to teaching, teaching methodology, curriculum
•         Development and curriculum evaluation.
•         Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to work effectively with administration, faculty, students, and clinical facilities.
•         Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.
•         Knowledge and proficiency in computer programs and software.
•         Successful experience managing faculty and staff.
•         Masters’ degree or higher in Nursing
•         Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities in nursing leadership positions, administration and within a vocational nursing educational program
•         Minimum of 5 years of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse with teaching experience in a clinical setting.
•         MSN degree or higher in nursing
•         Current RN licensure in the state of Texas.
•         Minimum of 5 years of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse with teaching experience in a clinical setting.
•         Full-time teaching experience in an approved nursing education program.
•         Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities in nursing leadership positions, administration and within a vocational nursing educational program
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